copy/copy is a collaborative exhibition between Swedish artist Cecilia Hultman and Cape Town-based artist and writer Matthew Alexander King. Hultman and King use the act of collecting and copying to attempt to reveal truths about the worlds around them- be they social, geographic or personal. Approaching subject matter from very different cultural entry points, the artists use similar conceptual and creative processes to make visible aspects of life often left unnoticed.

copy/copy examines the role of transcription and reproduction in artwork both as artistic process and final form. The exhibition serves as a reaction against the still prevalent notion of the artist as isolated genius and instead seeks to highlight the multiple inspirational sources, conversational strands, and informal collaborations that contribute to the majority of artistic production. Through the act of copying, something new is always made. Evolving through months of conversation and correspondence, the exhibition presents an installation of notes, drawings, and conversational fragments. copy/copy describes a deep exploration of language, the languages of things, and the transferability of knowledge.

Hultman and King, who live and work in geographically opposed locations, were introduced via email and encouraged to engage in a dialogue about the role of copying and the sharing of ideas within their work. In addition to the presented artworks, the exhibition serves as a platform to further this discussion through the collaborative creation of a publication by the same name, with contributions from invited artists, curators, and guests. The publication will be printed after the closing of the exhibition.

copy/copy is curated by Sally Müller and Heather Jones in collaboration with Finbar Krook Rosato and Atelier 123.

copy/copy is Constellation Projects’ initial venture and thereby the catalyst for future collaborative efforts. copy/copy desires not only to present the work of two emerging artists, but also highlight the strands of dialogue between artists, artwork, and exhibition.