• AsbjøRN SKOU

    Asbjørn Skou (1984) is a visual artist based in Copenhagen. He works with a wide range of media to create artworks which serve as a form of spatial research and communication. His work is concerned with investigating the intersections between architecture, culture, power and memory. His work is often documental, rooted in observation and intricate research, but he restates this research by assembling it in the fluctuating space between fact and fiction, thus creating new and ambiguous mythologies from concrete spatial and cultural constructions.

    He graduated from the Academy of Art in Bremen, Germany. In addition to working in the public space, he has also exhibited on a large scale within museums and galleries in Europe and the United States.


  • Atelier 123

    Atelier 123 is a project space for artists and an arts education workshop located at Piprensarvägen 8 in Hökarängen. A growing number of artists live and work in Hökarängen. Atelier 123 endeavours to offer artists the opportunity to develop project ideas and present their work to a diverse audience. The space also aims to work actively with international guest artists. The project space is made available to local resident families with children, and to the locally based children’s and youth activities through educational projects. Atelier 123 is run by artist/curator Finbar Krook Rosato and arts educator Maria Andersson.


  • Carl-Oskar Linné

    Carl-Oskar Linné (1983) is a Stockholm-based visual artist gathering pieces and layers of information related to constructed sites, homes and their markets. He scrutinizes this material in order to contrast what is displayed or told with underlying personal/public relationships and expresses this with the help of photography, text, installation and sculpture. With a BFA from the Bergen National Academy of the Arts in photography and a MFA from Konstfack's "Art in the Public Realm", his work has been exhibited in the UK, France, Norway and in Sweden at sites such as Malmö Konsthall, Sven-Harrys Konstmuseum and Tensta Konsthall.


  • Cigarrvägen Tretton


  • Jakob Krajcik

    Jakob Krajcik (1973) is a visual artist living and working in Stockholm, Sweden. He obtained a painting degree from Konstfack University College of Arts, Crafts & Design, Stockholm (1999) and works with multi-disciplinary process with a focus on sculpture. His works are often model studies of existing buildings in cardboard or wood. Since the models resemble modern ruins, it is easy to associate them with catastrophe or transience of the material world. The modeling of recognizable buildings also imbue the work with a political tenor. Krajcik’s artwork has been exhibited at the galleries Peter Bergman and Steinsland Berliner in Stockholm and he has recently completed a studio residency at CCA Andratx in Spain in 2013.


  • Konstapoteket

    Konstapoteket began as an art project taking place in part of an ateljé space in Hökarängen. The original idea was to provide a platform for lesser known and emerging artists working within the field of installation, film/sound and other conceptual contemporary art. Konstapoteket is a totally non commercial project, interested in individuals, the community and exploration of creative concepts, rather than the current artistic zeitgeist within the art world. It is an art project space rather than an art ‘gallery’. The grassroots approach to this project comes from a non-conventional, anarchist libertarian viewpoint, where we hope to create a space for like minded artists to exhibit and meet, encouraging creativity and mutual co-operation.


  • Lokalrätten

    Lokalrätten is a cafe and local meeting place serving as a platform for small-format exhibitions, concerts, presentations, film screenings, seminars, workshops and courses. Lokalrätten’s programming aims to create a public conversation about contemporary culture, art and the environment. By organizing and making cultural activities visible in Hökarängen, we hope to help create a dialogue with residents and visitors. Lokalrätten makes conscious efforts to highlight both more and less established designers and artists. Our program works to inform about the diversity of artistic practices in Stockholm that are rarely offered space in the public realm.


  • Marius Moldvær

    Marius Moldvær (1985) is a visual artist and writer based nomadically, in a constant state of flux where he methodically rearranges and shifts cultural symbols and narrative to explore the contemporary modes of living, believing, experiencing and being. He is co-founder and member of Gruppe-11, the winner of the first prize at VESTLANDSUTSTILLINGEN 2013, published poet, freelance curator at times and a student at the Pacific Northwest College of Art, MA Critical Theory and Artistic research in Portland, Oregon US.


  • Silvia Ospina

    Silvia Ospina (1979) is a Colombian born performer, choreographer and visual artist currently based in Berlin and Cologne. She began a career in dance at the Escuela Departamental de Ballet de Santander and continued her studies in visual communication (Pontificia Universidad Javeriana, Bogotá) and dance formation in France (CNDC, Angers) and Germany, (Folkwang Hochschule, Essen) with Dominique Mercy, Pina Bausch, Frederic Lescure, and Carlota Ikeda. Her work combines the use of dance and media for the stage, and video as a format for body movement expression. She engages in research projects about dance in public spaces including public performances and various experimental short videos. In 2011, she finished a postgraduate study in Media Art at the Kunsthochschule für Medien Köln.