Let’s Pretend We Live Here is a multi-part exhibition featuring the work of Asbjørn Skou, Silvia Ospina, Carl-Oskar Linné, Marius Moldvær and Jakob Krajcik.

Amidst the proliferation of urban planning seminars and discussions of art’s role in the public sphere, the artists presented here choose to locate their work in the architectural psychosphere; imaginary spaces, non-places, and futures that could have been.

Let’s Pretend We Live Here reveals the urban environment to be both an active force and a stage to be acted upon. With nods to psychogeography and 19th century flâneur, Skou, Ospina, Linné, and Moldvær and Krajcik each question our perception of the urban environment. Mirrored worlds, eerily familiar but placeless sites, and recognizable landmarks-turned-ruins all describe the psychological tension between cityscape and inhabitant. Let’s Pretend We Live Here offers a closer look at the role of the imaginary in the construction and deconstruction of our image of the city.

As a practice in creative and institutional collaboration, the exhibition opens simultaneously at four different but nearby locations in Hökarängen, Stockholm on October 25th, 2013. Movement between the project rooms is a critical component of the exhibition.


Atelier 123 hosts UNSITE, a video and collage installation by Danish artist Asbjørn Skou.

Cigarrvägen Tretton features PAPPERHUS, a series of architectural sculptures by Swedish artist Jakob Krajcik.

Konstapoteket shows NOMADEN, a video work from Berlin/Cologne-based artist and choreographer Silvia Ospina.

Lokalrätten presents REAL WORLD OR PLACES THAT DON’T EXIST by Carl-Oskar Linné & Marius Moldvær in a popular cafe setting.